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Penergetic products are in use in many countries all around the globe. We are very pleased to be the official distributors of Penergetic products for the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

All of the products are described here on our website but if you require more information or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

A brief introduction of how the Penergetic system works
The Penergetic system applies a natural, holistic approach to rehabilitate disturbed ecological processes, to treat the underlying causes of such disturbances and to develop and optimise industrial technologies.

The transmission device provides the selected carrier material with specific information. This information contains special effective properties, which trigger desired processes in the area of application. This method does not employ any of the traditional forms of energy (electrical, chemical, thermal, magnetic or radioactive).

The Penergetic products are designed to act both individually and in combination with other Penergetic products. Combined application can create welcome synergies.

Each of the Penergetic products carries its own specific information, geared towards its specific area of application.

The Penergetic system does not depend on a specific location, time or person and therefore meets the minimum requirements for scientific reproducibility.

Holistic – every possible parameter is taken into consideration.

Transmission Device – concentrates and aligns ambient energy, which is subsequently output as a concentrated beam.

Carrier Material – a material that has been provided with effective properties by the transmission device. Can be any material.