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Penergetic T Single Feed Supplement For All LivestockPenergetic T
Single Feed Supplement For All Livestock

Penergetic T is a feed supplement used for all farm livestock that can be added to feed mixed in a mill or mixed into a ration on farm. It is available in several forms including specialist versions for dairy cattle, pigs, poultry and horses. More Information

Penergetic P Supporting Plant GrowthPenergetic P
Supporting Plant Growth

Penergetic P is intended to promote and assist plant growth. It is not a fertilizer or a plant food instead it acts as a catalyst to support the natural processes within plants. More Information

Penergetic K Soil Dry Manure And Compost Manure ActivatorPenergetic K
Soil Dry Manure And Compost Manure Activator

Penergetic K is a versatile product that can be added to bedding in the livestock housing or simply added to the manure heap to assist composting. We also have a version that can be used as a soil activator applied directly to the ground. Penergetic K helps to stimulate natural decomposition processes and encourage the microorganisms in the soil. More Information

Penergetic G Slurry Activator And OptimizerPenergetic G
Slurry Activator And Optimizer

Penergetic G is added to the slurry and liquid manure to encourage the natural processes of decomposition occurring within the lagoon. More Information

Penergetic W Water Remediation And VitalisationPenergetic W
Water Remediation And VitalisationSlurry Activator And Optimizer

We have three versions of this product
Surface Water – for use with ponds and pools in spring, summer and early autumn
Mud Reduction – for use with ponds and pools in late autumn and winter. Mud reduction can also be used in sewage and waste water treatment systems.
Ground Water – helps to support natural life processes within the water. More Information 

Penergetic AquakatAquaKat
Improve the quality of animal’s drinking water

Humans and all animal species can benefit from AquaKat® vitalized water. More Information