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Improve the quality of animal’s drinking water

In the same manner as humans benefit from vitalized water, animals also signal an appreciation for AquaKat® vitalized water.

A simple experiment is to give livestock AquaKat® vitalized water in one water trough and give them their regular water in another adjoining water trough. The animals will show a preference for the vitalized AquaKat water (and there is no placebo effect with animals, as there can be with humans).
In an agricultural setting, the AquaKat® can be used to:

• improve the quality of animal’s drinking water
• create negative (or alkaline) water which is beneficial for livestock
• produce a superior quality water for herbicide application
• increase the efficiency of herbicides (desiccation/burnoff) when attached to a field sprayer
• improve the quality of a farmhouse’s water supply
• stimulate aerobic process in compost/manure and septic systems (and reduce associated odour)
• in conjunction with penergetic w (for groundwater) can be used to improve the quality of cistern water
• suitable for all other uses mentioned above (e.g. residential, commercial) carried out on a farm

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