Success Stories

IMG_1431    A Domestic Home:

A domestic water supply to a home located in a Derbyshire village was causing limescale build up within appliances and the heating system.  In addition to this the water was unpalatable even to the point where guests to the house would mention it and ask what the problem was.  To rectify this the householder installed an AquaKat L to the mains supply to the home and an Aquakat M  to the heating system.  Now the limescale has gone the heating system runs well and appliances are scale free.  The kettle in the picture is five years old and still has no build up of limescale, and the water, well its tastes great.

Products used: AquaKat M & L


Version 3    Commercial Use:

A large commercial vehicle company was having problems with limescale build up within a pressure washer and its supply pipes.  The washer was being used to steam clean lorries, some days running for eight hours using in the region of 5,800 litres of water.  This was causing regular dismantling and cleaning of the pressure washer resulting in more work, lost efficiency and of course increased cost.   As a solution an Aquakat XL with a daily capacity of 6,000 litres was fitted to the mains supplying the pressure washer and its hoses The problem was very soon improved and now dismantling and cleaning is only done as a routine every few months instead of every three weeks as before.  The limescale problem is now a memory.

Product used: Aquakat XL


IMG_0080_2    Diary Farm:

A dairy farm in an upland limestone area was having problems with sediment and limescale deposits from the bore hole supplying water to farm buildings and the farm house itself.  This had been a long ongoing problem and was causing major problems with equipment within the dairy as well as other areas on the farm.  Due to the high water usage for the large herd of cattle an AquaKat XXL with a capacity of 30,000 litres per day was placed directly into the water held in an above ground reservoir supplied from the bore hole.  Over the next three months the deposits and limescale were reduced resulting in improved cleaning and descaling time.  Six months later joints along the supply pipe and within some of the equipment which had previously leaked due to sediment forcing them open all remained sealed and leak free.

Product used: AquaKat XXL

Version 2