Why use Aquakat?

IMG_1449    What is water?

Water is one of our most precious resources, we take it for granted. But what is it and how do we use it?

H2O – Uses:

  • Drinking
  • Washing
  • Food Preparation
  • Leisure and Sport
  • Heating System
  • Cooling Systems
  • Plants and Livestock
  • Energy and Information Carrier
  • Transport
  • Solvent carrying e.g. soap and detergent

H2O – The human body:

  • 70% of our body is water (up to 90% of our brain and blood)
  • The daily water demand is 0.03 Litre per kg body weight
  • Metabolic processes are only possible with water
  • Optimal renal activity is only possible with a adequate water supply


IMG_1449    The problem:

We all need water supplied into our homes and work premises. As everyone knows to achieve this we use a vast network of pipes, but in doing this we put the water under pressure.

This makes water lose its vitality and solvent carrying capacity, making the water less palatable and increasing problems such as limescale build up in pipes, fittings and machinery.


IMG_1449    The Solution:

An innovative range of water vitalisation devices designed and manufactured in Switzerland.

Revitalise water making it more spring like and better tasting just as nature intended.

  • No maintenance
  • Easy to Install simply fits alongside or around mains pipes
  • Requires no power supply
  • No magnets
  • Reduces use of chemicals
  • Lasts for years
  • Improved solubility capacity
  • Softer water
  • Available in various sizes for use in Industry
    • Commercial Premises
    • Agriculture
    • Shops
    • Offices
    • Domestic