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Penergetic W Water Remediation And VitalisationPenergetic W
Water Remediation And Vitalisation Slurry Activator And Optimizer

We have three versions of this product
Surface Water – for use with ponds and pools in spring, summer and early autumn
Mud Reduction – for use with ponds and pools in late autumn and winter. Mud reduction can also be used in sewage and waste water treatment systems.
Ground Water – helps to support natural life processes within the water.

All three products are designed to improve water quality both visually and within the water by reducing algae and vitalizing the water.

Penergetic W products support waters self cleaning capacity by stimulating the micro organisms within the water. Where applicable this helps to improve living conditions for plants and aquatic creatures. Each of the products has its own specialty such as reducing the harmful effects from mud and silt at the bottom of the pond or improving the clarity of water. Or in the case of the sewage waste water treatments it helps to reduce odor and blockage of pipes.
For Penergetic W field trial downloads please click here.